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Since ancient times, humans have harnessed all types of different energise to help them explore, learn and build our world. Imagine you are a scientist. You wear an important white coat and work with a pencil behind your ear in your laboratory. You have been asked to work on an new type of energy that will help everyone on the planet.

First it's important to know all of the ways which we can use resources to harness energy...

Egyptian Ship.png

Sailboats use the wind to move, using force from fast gusts to propel themselves forward against a river's current.

Panemone windmills.png

This is a row of Panemone Windmills in Iraq, the oldest known form of wind-powered machinery in the world.

Panemone windmills had fabric sails which span around, they were first used to pump water and then helped grind grain to make flour.

A Sail boat catches the

fast winds, using its force to move against the rivers current.

​They were invented in what's known as The Golden Age of Islam - and were between the 8th and 10th Century, but we don't know an exact date. This means they were invented when Vikings were settling in the UK, and possibly during the time of Alfred the Great.

Hero's Engine.png

The Aeolipile, or, Hero Engine, is considered to be the first thermal engine, or steam turbine, in history. 

Built by Hero of Alexandria in 130 BC.

Hero studied the works of Egyptian mathematician and inventory, Ctesibius. Ctesibius, who lived in Alexandria during the reign of the Ptolemys, studied the science of compressed air and it's uses in pumps.

The device works by heating a vessel of water until the water inside boils.

The steam created inside the vessel propels the nozzles on the sphere round creating kinetic energy.

Wind turbines in landscape.png

Wind Turbines generate electricity through the wind. 

The wind blows the turbines round, creating kinetic energy which moves the dynamo creating electric energy!

Onshore wind farms and solar farms are now the cheapest source of electricity in the world.

What would you create to help everyone get around? Would it fly? Would it have wheels? Does it run on water, or air, or something else? What would you call it? 

To make a community tapestry we need your ideas - so share your creations with us on Twitter, Instagram or email


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