Future Buildings

Stirchley is a land of builders. It has lots of building merchants, timber yards and factories.

It’s a place where people go to build and fix things

Imagine you are a builder - you can build anything you can imagine. 

The buildings you design must help the people who live in Stirchley, maybe they help local wildlife too? Maybe your buildings change the air in the sky, or the way people feel? 

Don’t worry about how realistic or practical your drawing is - let your imagination run wild. 


What buildings are in Stirchley now?

Stirchley is home to lots of interesting buildings of all different designs and purposes. 

Here are just 3 interesting buildings in Stirchley…

bike foundry.png

Birmingham Bike Foundry

The bike foundry is a bike shop and repair centre, in Stirchley. It fixes old bicycles and sells them to other people.

Their use of recycling and mending offers people a healthy and carbon neutral alternative to driving cars, making everyone healthier.

Loaf Bakery and Cookery School

Loaf is a bakery and cookery school in Stirchley. They bake breads and pastries and work with other cooks and chefs to teach people how to cook.

Loaf Bakery.png
Stirchley Baths.png

Stirchley Baths

Stirchley baths was built for everyone to come and wash themselves in a safe and well equipped environment.

It made everyone who lived around it healthier and happier.

Today, Stirchley Baths is home to Stirchley Community Market. It also has a cinema room for film events and its main hall offers a space to local groups.

These workshops are designed for all ages as well as individuals, friends and families to take part in together. Drawing ability is not important, it’s about fun, imagination and a nice big group project the whole community can work on even when physically distancing from each other. Have fun!

To make a community tapestry we need your ideas - so share your creations with us on Twitter, Instagram or email hipkissandgraney@outlook.com