Imagined Futures Community Tapestry

In partnership with Hipkiss & Graney

We’d like to make a tapestry of ideas for communities of the future - and we’d like the ideas to come from you. 

We’re looking for imaginings of new buildings, energy sources, transport systems, ways of growing food and all kinds of new inventions that will help us design communities that are safe, sustainable, and for everyone.

Each week, a new worksheet will appear online for you to follow. The workshops will go as follows:

Workshop 1: Future buildings

Workshop 2: New Ways to Travel

Workshop 3: Energy Sources

Workshop 4: Food Sources

Workshop 5: The schools of tomorrow

Workshop 6: Inventions That Save The World

Workshop 7: What Will We Be Like? 

All your drawings, designs and ideas will be collected together and become one long tapestry. When you have created your ideas, take a photo of them and email them to 

This will become an epic artwork made by everyone in Stirchley during the Coronavirus pandemic.

bike foundry.png

Click the title above to take you to the worksheet page. 

Imagine you are a builder - you can build anything you can imagine. 

The buildings you design must help the people who live in Stirchley, maybe they help local wildlife too? Maybe your buildings change the air in the sky, or the way people feel? 

Connections are important. If people can’t get to Stirchley, people can’t bring the materials to make things; you can’t take your things to sell; and you can’t learn new things about the world. 

We want to see your creations of how you'd travel in, out and around Stirchley.