New Ways to Travel

Connections are important. If people can’t get to Stirchley, people can’t bring the materials to make things; you can’t take your things to sell; and you can’t learn new things about the world. 

We want to see your creations of how you'd travel in, out and around Stirchley.

Roman Road.png

People have been passing through Stirchley for centuries, a Roman road used to pass through - and people would walk or travel by cart.

canal barge.png

The canals which pass through Stirchley were first opened in 1815. These connect us to Worcester and Stratford, how can you use the canals to connect us to the world? Would you redesign the classic narrowboat?


In the 1800s work began on the train lines which connects Stirchley to the rest of the world. How would you use these rails in the future? Would you keep our current trains? How can we make trains better for everyone?


Would you bring the trams back to Stirchley? They used to run up and down the Pershore Road and connect Stirchley

Horse-drawn bus.png

Our first bus was a horse drawn bus - how would you change our buses? Would you keep them? 

What would you create to help everyone get around? Would it fly? Would it have wheels? Does it run on water, or air, or something else? What would you call it? 

To make a community tapestry we need your ideas - so share your creations with us on Twitter, Instagram or email